Our Approach

Partnering with other modern day heroes to change the world in a sustainable model

Our approach is easy.  It starts with you.




Your contributions make it all possible.  It is the gas that fuels us to equip other worldwide organizations and their communities to making the world a healthier place to live, both physically and emotionally

We partner with local organizations are that dedicated to changing the planet and doing a World of Good

We look under every rock and crevice to find companies that are aligned with our values, and ones that are already making positive changes in the world, so we know with our help, we are making an immediate difference

We help strengthen our Partners

We create a win-win scenario with every partner we work with. Our financial and organizational support allows our partners to do what they do best; helping change the world and the people’s lives that are in it.

Partnerships that change the world.


Our partners are passionate about what they do, and just like Hands For Life, realize more will get done through collaboration and synergistic models than each individual trying to do it themselves. Our partners are committed to finishing the job, whether that be supplying clean water and food across the globe, to building new schools around the world so every child has a seat to learn.